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Baby Gates For Fireplaces

Baby Gates: Keeping The Little Ones Away From Fire

Baby Gates for Fireplaces Buying a home with a fireplace is something a lot of people look for, whether it be gas burning or wood burning they very desirable. Yet when kids come along all the things that we once loved now become concerns about our children’s safety.

The biggest problem with most baby gates is that they are temporary fixes. While this may be an obvious statement, kids can climb, or at least they learn to. Children are smart little devils that will always find a way to want they want. A baby gate will keep them safe, but are not indestructible. As an example, I saw my son push a chair from the other side of the room over to our baby gate near the TV, he then began to climb the chair and eventually the baby gate to get the ball or whatever it was he wanted. Obviously, I was there to stop him, although I quickly snapped a couple pictures to mark the occasion. Nevertheless you can’t just pick up any baby gate an expect it to be a fortress of solitude.

Baby gates for fireplaces are a whole other story. Adding the element of fire will of course worry any mother. When picking out a baby gate to go around a fireplace make sure you securely attached the gate to the wall, pick out a baby gate that isn’t made of plastic and make sure the height is a good length to prevent any climbers.

I recommend Auto Close HearthGate Black (132″ x 31″) by Kidco

  • 30″ door section can be place anywhere within the gate layout, 23″ extra wide door opening
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Gate Width: 132″ (original 5 piece gate will fit a 6′ fireplace), Gate Height: 31″

I bought this gate at Amazon (it included free shipping) and arrived in 6 days from the time my order was placed. The picture is very similar to my fireplace, although ours doesn’t have a brick step in front of the fireplace. Either way, they size and strength of this baby gate should be able to fit around any fireplace you may have.

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